June 10, 2016
It is now 2016 and I have had a job at Walmart sense April 17th of 2014. Currently I am indisposed with cellulitis and gout in my feet and legs. Due to this illness I am on sick leave until I am 100 percent well, by order of Walmart's HR. I am still trying to get in contact with the doctor who looked after me while i was in the hospital. Hopefully i can get him to fill out the paperwork for sedwick before the 21st of June. Otherwise my sedwick case might be denied which would result in termination from my job. Again here's hoping.  

Having a Little strugle.

September 12, 2011
Todd Oskar Fox

We arrived at Lubbock safe and sound. I was able to get my phone back so now I can talk to my friends again. My mother found a temp job( which only lasted for almost two weeks then was fired because some money hungry woman stole mother's job) and now she has found another job, but she won't be working the job until she gets every thing in order first. I'm still looking for a job and having no luck at it. We are living at the salvation army as of late, if i don't find...

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Life kicking me and my family while we'er down.

August 6, 2011
  Todd Oskar Fox

Last Friday my mother lost her job at the hospital, in order to survive and for her to get a new job we will have to move to a city that's over 100 miles.We will be forced to leave 88%-96% of our possessions behind at the house we lived in,including our two cats( one will go to the pound, the other put up for adoption at the local vet).We will be moving early this Monday and will be without any internet or phone until we are stable again. Looks like life just loves ...
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